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#1: Healthy Plate Method – Keep it simple

Beth Blair, a MOVE! Dietitian, dives into the first episode of our six part series on eating a healthy plate. She sets the stage and gives advice for keeping it simple.

#2: Healthy Plate Method – Fill your plate with color

Listen as Lauren Hocking, a Home Based Primary Care and PACT Dietitian, gives her top 10 tips on getting in those non-starchy colorful vegetables. Encouraging us to fill up our plate!

#3: Healthy Plate Method – Grains & Starches

Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Jackie Chisholm, gives an amazing description on starchy vegetables and grains. We know carbohydrates are not created equal and she helps us sort that out.

#4: Healthy Plate Method – All About Fats

Listen in as Sieger Giroux, a MOVE! Dietitian, give much needed guidance on saturated and unsaturated fats. Helping us incorporate those into the healthy plate method.

#5: Healthy Plate Method – Breaking Down Protein

Tori Stewart, a Home Based Cardiac Rehab Dietitian, dives into different types of protein, why they are important, and how much we should be aiming to eat each day.

#6: Healthy Plate Method – Action Steps

Lindsey Purcell, a PACT Dietitian, walks through a set of tips for putting the Healthy Plate Method into action. Focusing on how small changes can make a big impact.

Fresh Focus #7: Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

As you are thinking about starting a family and making that decision to try to get pregnant, the Fresh Focus Podcast wants to help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Whether you are planning for your first born, or an experienced mom wanting to expand your family, Dietitian Beth Blair reviews 10 tips for life leading up to pregnancy.

Fresh Focus #8: Infertility Conversations

What happens if you’ve tried and tried and can’t get pregnant? What happens if you’ve done everything “right”, but it’s still not happening? Diet is a modifiable risk that can improve or even reverse infertility. This episode provides more in-depth information regarding nutrition for infertility and personal experiences from VA Dietitians who experienced infertility first hand.

Fresh Focus #9: Pregnancy Nutrition

Basic pregnancy nutrition is important to keep you and baby healthy. Right from the beginning, hormones can cause some unpleasant side effects. The most common being morning sickness. During this episode, Dietitian Loran Morris shares her pregnancy experiences. She dives into tips on morning sickness, weight gain, and assessing mealtime intake.

Fresh Focus #10: Exercise and Pregnancy

There are many contributors to your prenatal health and one very important part is physical activity and exercise. Regular physical activity during your pregnancy is incredibly important to support a healthy pregnancy and birthing experience. Listen in as Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer Tori Stewart dives deeper into exercise and pregnancy.

Fresh Focus #11: Lactation Nutrition

Breastfeeding can be an awesome bonding experience with your baby. Although it provides baby with great nutrition, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and brings up many questions for mamas and their support systems. Join Dietitian Lauren Hocking as she interviews Caitlin, a mom of two for her advice.

Fresh Focus #12: Feeding the Baby

In this episode of Fresh Focus, Melaina Lane, Dietitian and youngest of five girls shares several different stories and struggles our Registered Dietitians have had when it came to feeding their babies. She discusses benefits of breastfeeding, history of formula, seeking help from a lactation counselor, and provides encouragement no matter what path you choose to feed your baby.

Fresh Focus #13: Taste of the Holidays

The holidays can be a magical time, but how often is the excitement met with fears about your health with the change in normal menu items? If you are a person with diabetes, you might also worry about controlling blood sugars. These are completely common thoughts, but holidays don’t have to be a time for throwing in the towel on all the hard work you’ve done the rest of the year. Series 3 of the Fresh Focus Podcast was created by Marion VA Healthcare System Diabetes Educators to help you tackle the unique challenges of the holidays in 2020.

Fresh Focus #14: Holiday Hosting Guide

Are you hosting a holiday meal this year? Don’t get overwhelmed! Our Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators are able to assist in the meal planning if your guests include people with diabetes. Remember the holidays are meant to represent the spirit of giving, understanding, and compassion, and there’s nothing that better signifies these principles than being aware of all guests’ needs.

Fresh Focus #15: Scaling Back the Holiday Meal

It has been a whirlwind of a year and whether you live alone or are continuing to practice social distancing, the holidays are going to look a little different this year. Whatever this year’s holiday season brings, our Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators can certainly help you scale it down while still enjoying some of those traditional favorites in a smaller group.

Fresh Focus #16: Off to the Grocery Store (or not)

What if we told you that smart grocery shopping actually starts before you leave the house? This year, you may not even need to leave the house. On-line shopping is a great option for anyone who has small children, is pressed for time, or has health concerns. Our Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators provide suggestions about what to place in your cart and ways to have a more successful shopping experience around the holidays.

Fresh Focus #17: Meal Prep with Success

You’re back from the grocery store and your countertop is full! Now, what to do with all the food you just purchased? Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators dive into meal prepping and give tips on how to be successful with this process during the upcoming holidays. They specifically highlight some holiday meal ideas and recipes that you could prepare with lower carbohydrate options on your holiday table this year.

Fresh Focus #18: Back to the Basics

The holidays can be a whirlwind, even if this year is with just a small household group. After the dust settles and the dishes are washed, it can feel like such a crash of adrenaline. After hours of cooking over the holidays, you probably don’t want to cook for the rest of the week. We’ve all found ourselves in that boat a time or two. Thankfully, the Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators will talk you through getting back to the basics and utilizing holiday leftovers.

Fresh Focus #19: MOVE! with a Blueprint for Success

MOVE! Weight management program is a lifestyle intervention for weight management. In this episode, we are going to refer to it as our blueprint for success. MOVE isn’t just a “diet” or an exercise program its really 3 combined components of nutrition, behavior change, and physical activity. Listen in as Dietitians Lindsey and Beth discuss how we make the plan to come to life

Fresh Focus #20: MOVE! with Physical Activity

Physical activity is a very popular topic, but oftentimes it is made to be overcomplicated and overwhelming for those trying to learn more about it. Being active is about so much more than just losing fat, gaining muscle, and looking good. It’s also important to focus on how it can improve overall health, function, and quality of life. This episode gets you active in reaching your goals with Dietitians Tori, Sieger and Lindsey.

Fresh Focus #21: MOVE! with the Waves

In our MOVE to a healthier you series, we take a dive into the important tool we should be using multiple times a day, water. Listen as our Dietetic Intern gives tips for increasing fluid intake, and specifically ways to liven up water.

Fresh Focus #22: MOVE! with Fiber

Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough fiber in their diet, even though it is a crucial part of our MOVE to a healthier you toolbelt. Wondering how to increase your intake? Listen in as Dietitian Tori shares tips and tricks to help you meet your daily fiber goals.

Fresh Focus #23: MOVE! with the Psychology of Eating

Knowledge is power when learning about our patterns and behaviors, especially in relation to food. This can be a powerful tool in your MOVE to a healthier you toolbelt. Take a listen as Dr. Kadela talks about dietary habits and the psychology behind eating.

Fresh Focus #24: MOVE! with a New Year

MOVE’s core ideas are encouraging healthy eating, increasing physical activity, developing behavior change skills and promoting even small weight losses with an easy to follow evidenced based program. Take a listen as our husband and wife duo wrap up the lessons learned in episodes 19-23 and put some goals out on the table.

Fresh Focus # 25: Diversify your Plate

Description: The Fresh Focus team welcomes YaQutullah Ibraheem Muhammad MS, RDN, LD from the VA Arcadia Primary Care Clinic to talk about adding diversity to your plate. This involves looking at alternative protein options, exploring local farmers markets, visiting ethnic grocery stores, and “vibe with veggies” to make your plate unique.

Fresh Focus # 26: Healthy Teaching Kitchen

The Fresh Focus team welcome Robin LaCroix, Dietitians from the Wayfort Junction VA in Vermont and Melanya Souza from the VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida to share their experiences with the Healthy Teaching Kitchen (HTK) program. HTK is dedicated to improving Veterans’ skills and confidence to prepare healthy meals. Increasing Veterans’ self-efficacy with regards to food selection and preparation in a home-like environment to develop life-long eating habits. Taking nutrition education that is traditionally taught in the clinic settings and helping Veteran’s put it in practice in their day to day meals.

Fresh Focus # 27: Tips for a Heart Healthy Plate

Description: It’s common to hear that high sodium items should be avoided to promote heart health, but this episode dives into the “why” behind that recommendation, along with other heart healthy eating tips! Joining us is Lisa Conticello, cardiology dietitian at the Bay Pines VA is interviewed by Dietetic Intern, Megan Rivenburg.

Fresh Focus # 28: Personalize Your Plate for Weight Loss

Description: There can be so much information and misinformation out there when it comes to eating for weight loss, so we brought in Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, PJ Pivec, to help clear up some common myths and give you some actionable items to take away.

Fresh Focus #29: When The One You Love Is Losing Weight

When people think of seeing a Registered Dietitian, most often we think of eating healthier or losing weight, however for some of our veterans, gaining too much weight is not their problem it is actually quite the opposite. More often than you may think, we do see veterans who are dealing with malnutrition or unintended weight loss and are actually needing to find ways to increase food intake, and we are here to help with that too. Episode #29 provides our top 5 tips for what do when the one you love is losing weight unintentionally.